Christmas is about the spirit of giving and one Missoula company is doing exactly that. Missoula County Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Brenda Bassett says Neptune Aviation is doing something special for children in need.

"Neptune Aviation donates 100 bikes and deputies go out into schools and different areas and deliver bikes to kids who need one," said Bassett. "It is a really cool thing. We are so fortunate that Neptune continues to do it every year."

According to Bassett, it is important for kids to see the good side of deputies.

"Missoula County is a cool place to live and a lot of people are very giving," Bassett said. "We are excited about the kids being able to get some bikes and us being able to have a part in it and interact with the kids. It is a great way for deputies to make contact with kids and show that the deputies are the good guys. It is really cool."

Other local donors in the Missoula area include United Way and Bob Wards. They dropped of a bunch of coats for people trying to stay warm this season.

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