THIS is a sharrow.

Sharrows have been all over the streets of Portland and San Fransisco for years, and have finally made their debut in Missoula. 

A couple of weeks ago I was driving to work and 14th Street was covered with Orange cones, it was like a driver's ed obsticle course, and I was damn tired, those cones are lucky to be alive.  Anyway, I didn't know they had a name at the time but dozens of sharrows were covering the road.  My instant thought was that some angry hippie bicyclists stole the bike lane stencil and went to town on the streets of Missoula. 

But the stencils are legit and any dummy can figure out that it means there's no bike lane so you're supposed to share the road with bikes.  My favorite thing about sharrows is that it's given me something new to yell out (I'm always yelling out random crap, got a touch of the Tourettes).  Any time any body is sharing, I shout it nice and loud. 

"Hey, can I have a bite of your sandwich?" SHARROWS!

"I see you just got a new jug of Jager, let's do shots."  SHARROWS!

You see how it works, use it. 

Now get back to yelling at hippies who don't know how to ride their bikes at proper speeds.

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