How Missoulians cure a hangover. Gatorade and Excedrin on a work/school day. Bloody Marys if it's a non work/school day. Because you know what we say in Montana, you can't get hungover if you don't stop drinking.

Despite our cures and planning, and sometimes even having a good dinner before a night of binge drinking, Missoula and Great Falls are two of the top 11 most hungover cities in the country. That is just sad.

The Business Insider poll considered 5 different factors when coming up with the list of 'The 25 Most Hungover Cities in America.' Heavy drinking, binge drinking, bars per capita, liquor stores per capita and alcoholic beverage producing establishments per capita.

Considering our state's low population and love for partying, Missoula came in at #7 on the list, Great Falls is at #11.