The ice cream truck has rolled through our neighborhood twice since we started seeing the real hot temperatures. And you can bet I'm two for two when it comes to the number I've times I've ran inside to rummage for money to spend on treats! Speaking of goodies from those traveling freezers on you know what item Montanans purchase more than any other when it comes to visits from the ice cream man.....or ice cream woman? Here's the answer - did you guess correctly?

Did you know you can rent an ice cream truck around Missoula?

I just saw a post on Facebook where somebody was advertising that they'll come to your event for $50 an hour (plus you have to purchase the desserts - they're not included.) I never thought about such a thing - but this seems like a pretty cool idea for any sort of summer event!

Here's the post with details on how you can schedule an appearance:

"Hello Missoula, Are you looking to have a birthday party soon and want to surprise the kiddos with an awesome ice cream truck appearance? Or just wanting to treat your amazing employees to a cold treat? Well I can do that! I’ve done a few parties and the kids absolutely go crazy for it. I can be there. I charge $50 for an hour and any longer we can discuss, plus the ice cream amount ordered. All items are $3 and under. We would love to help cool everyone off with an amazing cold treat! Thank you for reading and supporting our ice cream truck. Any questions or wanting to set up a booking feel free to reach me at 406-880-7656 or through messenger. Also willing to do surrounding towns."

Be the superstar of your next BBQ

Just think about how many high fives you'll get at the next family dinner, neighborhood block party, or ANY event with a crowd - when everyone else is bringing potato salad and chips as their side dish.....and you put everyone to shame with an appearance from the ice cream truck!

And when you really think about doesn't have to just be for events.....a Tuesday night when you're home alone seems like reason enough to have an ice cream truck rental as well!

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