If you have yet to visit the Missoula Haunted House, time is running out. Neighborhoods around the fairgrounds have reported hearing screams from over a mile away. That must mean they are doing a damn good job scaring those who dare to enter.

This year's theme for the Missoula Haunted House is "The Reaping." What does that mean?

In brief, this year's story revolves around a road trip through the middle of nowhere. When your car breaks down, you quickly discover what happens when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. *THUD* When you wake up, you are surrounded by a congregation of cults members preaching:

"The Sacrifice of the few for the benefit of the many."

The congregation, in perfect unison, claps once.

"We pour the lifeblood on our fields to secure a bountiful yield." Clap. "We do this as our master commands." Clap, clap, clap, clap.

Our friends at Malevolent Films put together an outstanding trailer describing "The Reaping." See a very creepy teaser to some of the horror you can expect from this year's Missoula Haunted House. 

Do you dare become part of the annual "Reaping?" This year's Haunted House ends on Halloween and will be open NIGHTLY 10/27 thru 10/31.



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