Missoula is a full buzz this Summer. We've got so many great concerts, the farmers market, the Stoner Olympics, and newly added to the list is Herpes.

I can't make this up if I tried. Never in a million years would I think that Missoula, Montana would be the perfect meeting place for virus specialty scientists and doctors from around the world to meet. I mean there are definitely worse places.

If you have been in or around the University area this week, you might have noticed a diverse group of people from all parts of the globe walking around with nametags/lanyards. These folks are some of the top herpes virologists from around the world. Seriously. They are here for the 47th Annual International Herpes Virus Workshops. You'd think that in almost 50 years they would have a cure, but I digress. The workshop is covering areas from entry and egress to gene expression and virus-host interactions. What does that mean exactly? Dude. I have no idea.

I personally spoke to a few of them, and of course, they are huge fans of Missoula in their off time. Some of them even seem to hold their own at our local bars (I'm talking about the Brits and Germans of course).

The herpes virus doesn't just involve the mouth or "downstairs" kind. It can also deal with shingles, another form of herpes. In any case, welcome all our guests in the Herpes world to our small mountain town. I know a lot of people are really rooting for you guys to come up with a cure.

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