We are nearly at the midway point of the year 2023, the second year of legalized recreational cannabis use. So far, no one has turned into a zombie. Cars are not burning in the streets. And "reefer madness" has not affected anyone, other than the people who oppose it. I would say we have been very well-behaved since the controversial law was passed.

Now it is time to put your skills of smoking the "sticky-icky" to use.

It is safe to say, that even though recreational use has only been legal for a short time, you have been training most of your life for this moment. Hours and hours of training. Not to mention the harsh diet regimen of late-night munchies. Your skills have been honed and it is time to show them off to the world.

One of my favorite local dispensaries has announced that they will soon be hosting yet another Montana Stoner Games. Moncanna will bring you the Stoner Games on Saturday, August 5th at the Cymatic Event Center, from 12 pm until 4:20 pm.

lexscope via unsplash.com
lexscope via unsplash.com

According to the promoter from Moncanna, some events that may be featured are:

  • Cornhole
  • Joint Rolling Competition
  • Giant Inflatable Joint Melee
  • Bong Relay Race
  • Hackey Sack Tournament
  • Eating Crackers with Cottonmouth
  • The Memory Game
  • Limbo
  • Lighter Hunt
  • plus much more!

All this, with munchies available from the Struggle Chef

This is a ticketed event with limited entries into certain events. So make sure to get your tickets now. Tickets are $50 and are available either at Moncanna on South Reserve St or online.

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