Have you ever lost something where you can picture in your mind having it all the way up until the point that it disappeared? It's the worst! You can remember everything until, poof, it's gone.

A year ago I lost the keys to one of our radio station vehicles. I can go back through the checklist of having them, putting them in a certain place so that I didn't lose them, and grabbing them to return them to their proper spot in the office. Somehow they never made it back to where they belonged and we had to order a new set. It's even worse when you lose something that costs you a good deal of money. I lost a pair of eyeglasses last year and I still can't figure out how. I switched from glasses to contacts for the day at work, recall being careful about putting them in my bag to take home so they wouldn't get broken, and never saw them again. An eye exam, new frames, and lenses with fancy add-ons don't come cheap these days!

Can we track down the owner?

If you've ever misplaced something important and were lucky enough to find it when you thought it was gone, you know the pure joy that comes with the reunion. Maybe we can have one of those happy moments when a mystery traveler is reunited with a picture they left behind at the Missoula Airport. The airport took to Facebook with the hope of finding the owner of a caricature sketch that was left behind during someone's travels.

That looks like a picture that someone would want back if they lost it. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill caricature sketch in black and white. This beauty is in color so you know they paid extra. And no doubt the price was jacked up for being at such a tourist destination like the San Diego Zoo.

Spread the word!

Alright, let's all work together and track down this person that is probably shaken to their core and sick to their stomach about losing the picture where they're riding an angry rhino at the zoo. Think about your inner circle of friends. Do you have any friends that rock an LA Dodger hat? Are they basketball fans? Did they take a trip to San Diego anytime recently?

Hopefully, the owner and picture are reunited soon. And who knows, maybe they'll post on their own social media page about how they lost their picture but got it back after seeing a story about it written by some moron that wasn't as lucky to get back his keys and glasses.

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