Marijuana has become a big business in Montana. With all that new tax money coming in, and a happier four-twenty community, there didn't seem to be much of a downside.

As it turns out, for some, there is. Addiction and dependence does not skip marijuana users. The good news is, there is a support group, locally, for people that are struggling.

According to the CDC, some people can develop Marijuana Use Disorder. It means that even though you are, or could be, suffering from health problems you cannot quit using. Some of the examples of the disorder include

  • Using Marijuana in high-risk situations like operating heavy machinery etc
  • Continue using Marijuana even though it causes problems at home or work
  • Continue using even despite physical or psychological  problems

Of course, there are many more warning signs, but in my experience, if you think you have a problem, you have a problem. Now, I'm no doctor, and when I first heard about this support group I was surprised. It's never one of those drugs you hear ruining your life, but after reading some comments on a recent Reddit post, my perception changed. It's a real thing, and people are struggling in Missoula.

Now the good news. There is hope! You can attend a new Marijuana Anonymous group. If you are struggling to quit or want to cut down, or even if you have quit and want to share your story and show support Here's the info.

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 8 pm - 9 pm

Location: 1221 Helen Ave in the Tandem Bakery

Props to the few brave folks who stepped forward to get this group rolling. Best of luck to everyone struggling.

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