Totfest Tater Tube/YouTube
Totfest Tater Tube/YouTube

We are gearing up for our annual summer rock/metal/food festival at the Dark Horse, an event inspired by the ravenous late-night munchies of Walking Corpse Syndrome frontman, Leif.

As the story goes, Leif had a late-night craving for tater tot casserole. He turned to social media for suggestions on how to make a proper casserole. But, quickly fell asleep before getting a chance to whip up a culinary masterpiece. When he woke up, the comment thread of his post was miles long. People giving sound advice on how to make a casserole. This also sparked another conversation. People commenting began to discuss how cool it would be to have a music/food festival that centered around tater tots. Before we knew it, bands from all over Montana were signing up to be on the bill. Soon 20 bands gathered at the Dark Horse to help raise money for charity, as well as indulge in massive quantities of tots.

TOTFEST 4 is BACK on August 19th, 2023 at the Dark Horse

This festival also sparked a series of short films, intended to promote the event. These classic dark horror-style short films involve blood and gore, as well as a healthy dose of B-rated silliness.


The Tyrannical Order of The Spud or T.O.T.S has its eye on world domination, using tater tots to take over the minds of the T.O.T.S followers. In the FOURTH installment, the tater tots bring on more than just mind control. They can also raise the dead.

Just about every band in the Missoula metal music scene is represented in the film. including your handsome news anchor and 963 the Blaze host.

Check out the latest in the T.O.T.S saga

Get your advance tickets and VIP passes now for the upcoming TOTFEST 4 happening August 19th at the Dark Horse.

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