Just this past weekend, I did something that I haven't done in a very long time. I went on a birthday pub crawl with my family. It has been almost 10 years since I found myself wandering downtown Missoula, and stopping at nearly every bar. It was a bizarre sight, as I had not been in any downtown bars since the start of the pandemic. The vibe was strange. It was almost like waiting in line to ride a ride at the county fair. Standing in line to order at certain locations of the bar. Not knowing exactly when it was okay to remove your mask and when you had to put it back on. Getting scolded constantly by waitstaff and bartenders. It really messed with my head. But, we persevered and made the most of my nephew's birthday.

Sunday morning showed me proof why I haven't been out as much as I used to. The mixture of weird birthday shots at every bar we stopped at, made my head feel like a leprechaun was tap dancing on my frontal lobe. Sometimes the only way to remove that leprechaun from your head is to pour yourself a mimosa. Which I did. So where does a person go in Missoula for a good mimosa. There is only one way to find out. How about a different kind of pub crawl? One that centers around he king of Sunday Funday and cure for hangovers. the MIMOSA!

Bar Crawl Unlimited presents Missoula Mimosa Crawl




- Multiple Venues!
- Discounted Drinks at all venues!
- Free take-home giveaways limited quantities

This is a ticketed event and tickets are limited, so get your now by clicking the link below or visit the official Facebook event page for more details.

9 Missoula Breweries Offering Takeout and Delivery


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