I'll admit it. I'm one of the Missoulians who scroll the daily mugshot updates. I'm not proud of it. It's a total high school gossip move, but I know I'm not the only guilty one. It is public knowledge after all. Now, the administrators of the popular website are doing the unthinkable. Asking you NOT to show up on their site.

Drinking in Montana is out of hand. Someone had to say it. I'm not busting anyone's chops. It's hard to say, but it's always just kind of been part of growing up here, but that doesn't make it ok. When you scroll through Missoulamugs.com you see new bookings every day, but the mugshots are just, well, kind of "pretty awful" according to their latest post. It's the same thing over and over. The middle-aged guy in the Griz gear, or the glossy-eyed college kid who is making their first mistakes away from home. No creativity, no villain backstory scars. According to their post, they want you to step it up a bit. Everyone is tired of seeing the same mugshot over and over.

But that's not the real message...

December is Impaired Driving Awareness Month, and what they really want you to do is be smart, be safe, and stay out of jail.

While the message got us in the first half, the web admins' heads are in the right place:

So do us a favor—and we don't ask you for much. Let's cut out the DUIs this month. Have fun, sure. But celebrate responsibly, look out for your fellow Muggers, and put your picture in a nice Christmas card instead of on the jail roster. Muggers, don't wreck the holidays. -Missoulamugs.com

Let's forget about the fact that drinking and driving can literally kill people, including the driver, and all the catastrophic things that an impaired driver can cause. Now you'll have to face the fines, jail time, lawyer fees, increased insurance rates, possible loss of employment, and a whole host of things that can come crashing down on you. Be safe. Get a sober driver, and be smart this holiday season.

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