Missoula is known for having a solid live music scene. Yet it feels like it has been lacking a little in the past few years. Granted we have the gorgeous Kettlehouse Amphitheater. Which has become a destination for many touring acts coming through the area. But, limiting those kinds of shows to the few weeks of Summer we get here in Montana just isn't enough. The Wilma and Adams Center can bring in shows year-round. But, the BIG name acts are few and far between.

We just recently got our "fix" when the ROCKZILLA TOUR stopped at the Adams Center. Featuring 4 big rock bands. It was refreshing to have a big rock show in Missoula again. But, it looks like another dry spell for rock concerts so far this spring. How are we supposed to live like this?

More concerts = Longer life

If the studies are true, there are a lot of us reading this right now that may be immortal. As I'm sure you have already known, going to LIVE concerts can extend your life by up to 9 years.

According to NME

Experiencing a gig for just 20 minutes can result in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being. Further research found a direct link between “high levels of well-being [and] a lifespan increase of nine years”, therefore suggesting that being exposed to live music could help you live longer. Bespoke psychometric testing and heart-rate tests were given to the participants of the study, with an increase in feelings of self-worth (25%), closeness to others (25%) and mental stimulation (75%) reported when said participants attended a gig.

So if you have been looking for a reason to spend half of your mortgage payment to see the fantastic shows coming our way this summer, well, here is your excuse.

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