You cannot ignore it. Our veterans returning home, are not only scared physically, but also emotionally. As someone who grew up in a household affected by PTSD, I have seen first hand how it can take a toll of everyone. That is why I am so happy to see members of our community opening up different options for veterans to treat their PTSD.

Hero Sound Project is a local non-profit that believes music can heal all wounds. I cannot agree more.

According to the Hero Sound Project facebook page:

Through the use of Music, we hope to break down the mental, physical, and social barriers that our wounded Veterans face, and to help improve their quality of life through self-expression in music. Our goal is to give our Veterans that sense of community and to give them a voice... 

Veterans, after completing the solo lessons, will have the opportunity to join the group sessions. At this point they will be introduced to song writing, group collaboration, and to establish the community bonds with other Veterans. The goals of the project are:
• To establish Community Bonds
• Elevate Self esteem
• Promote self-expression
• Assist in overcoming social anxiety
• Assist in overcoming any physical limitations the veteran may have in order to create music. (Use of other instruments when needed)

For more info, email or visit them online.


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