The countdown is on for PaddleHeads baseball. The regular season is about to come to a close - but we already know the team will participate in the playoffs thanks to an awesome run that saw them have the best record in the league through the first half of the season. And there's still a lot of fun to be had at the ballpark this week and next as we hit the final six games of the season. You can still take part in promotional nights that include PRIDE Night, Sports Trivia, Woof Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and a Fireworks extravaganza. Actually, let's make that TWO FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZAS!

When the PaddleHeads announced their plans for the season, it included three nights of post-game fireworks. But our dry weather and fire restrictions forced the cancellation of the booms in late July. I was thinking they would just move on, do fireworks this Friday (8/3) as planned, and that would be it. But an announcement from the team has them adding fireworks to the final game of the season next Friday (8/10.) Yep - that's two Fireworks Extravaganza nights in the span of 7 days. Awesome!

I don't really know what it takes to pull off a firework show at the end of a baseball game - or how we ended up with a late addition. Is it a situation where the PaddleHeads already bought the fireworks - and if you don't use them you're stuck with them? Is it just timing? With the fire restrictions being lifted - does it just give us a chance to squeeze in three fireworks nights as planned? Whatever the reason - it's fitting that fireworks light the Missoula sky after the final out of the season as a way to recognize the team for the fantastic baseball they've played this year.

Pretty cool - the final two Friday night games of the year will have fireworks! Get out to Ogren Park and support the PaddleHeads before the season ends. And, Friday (8/10) is Fan Appreciation Night. They'll have prizes, special promotions, Launch-A-Ball, and more to go along with the fireworks.

Tickets for any of the remaining home games - or the playoffs - can be purchased HERE, by phone at 406-543-3300, or at the PaddleHeads Post (140 N Higgins).

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