To properly convey this story, we must first flash back to July 17th, 2021. The Missoula Paddleheads were hosting their Bobblehead Giveaway at that night's game, and I was in attendance. We showed up early, hoping to secure a bobblehead - after all, only the first 750 fans were going to get one. We had to make sure that we were among them!

So we walk up to the front gate, and we notice something curious - there is a distinct lack of bobbleheads at this Bobblehead Giveaway night. There's no big table full of bobbleheads, there are no fans walking around with bobbleheads... so what gives?

And that's when the person at the front apologized to us and said there would be no bobbleheads - apparently, they didn't get shipped in time and were currently sitting on a dock somewhere in California. So instead, they gave us a voucher for a free bobblehead that we could redeem at the Paddleheads Post in downtown Missoula when they finally arrived.

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Well, it's been just over three months since that game, but it's finally happened: the Paddleheads bobbleheads are here!

So if you've still got your voucher from the Bobblehead Giveaway game, make sure to bring it to the Paddleheads Post in order to redeem it - and to thank people for the long wait, they're also offering anyone who goes to pick up their bobblehead an additional 20% off anything in the store through October 24th.

Shipping issues have been causing problems all over the world, but I'm glad Paxton the Paddlehead can finally rest easy and not spend so many sleepless nights wondering when his bobbleheads were going to arrive. If you don't have a voucher, the bobbleheads will also be available for purchase.

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