Golf in the Ballpark was so much fun at Ogren Park last year that they brought it back earlier this summer. It's a pretty awesome way to hit some golf balls and have some fun in a different type of golf setting than a regular course. You hit from an area up on the concourse and direct your shots down onto the baseball field. If you know a golfer, when the threat of colder weather starts creeping in, you'll always hear something like, "I just need to get out one more time before it really turns bad." It sounds like the folks with the Missoula PaddleHeads are taking the same approach as they've announced that Paddle Beach Golf Club is back for this weekend only.

What is Paddle Beach Golf Club all about?

All ages and skill levels can take their swings from the hitting bays that are set up around Ogren Park. It's like hitting balls at the driving range, but you aim for the on-field pins and keep track of your score based on how close you can get to the targets. The PaddleHeads' website says:

Golf in the Ballpark returns for this weekend only. Come play golf like you never have before. Golf inside the ballpark is like TopGolf Montana style.

Are you ready to take your swings?

Grab your clubs - and your friends - and get ready to have some fun! You can book a tee time for a group of four people for just $20. You'll have to bring your own clubs or borrow from a friend because clubs won't be available for rent. And if you're still wondering how you keep score while playing golf on a baseball field, each of the 9 pins on the field will have three circles around the pin. Land your ball inside the first ring for 1pt, inside the 2nd ring for 2 pts, inside the 3rd ring for 3 pts, and anywhere on the field for 4 points. Like golf, the goal is to have the lowest score possible.

You better book a tee time, one day is already sold out

It's fun for everyone, no matter what your skill level is. They'll only have Paddle Beach Golf Club back in action for this Friday (10/1) and Saturday (10/2), and Friday is already SOLD OUT. There's still room to reserve your spot with openings from 2 PM to 11 PM on Saturday. It sounds a bit weird to say, but get your tee time at Ogren Park HERE.

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