I wasn't much into golf until I tore my ACL playing soccer a few years ago and had to find a hobby that was a bit more mellow. I got into golf and I love it.....but I also hate it.....but I love it. If you're a golfer, you know what I mean by that last sentence. Golf is an infuriating sport. You can play so well one day and then turn around and be terrible the next. We live in a pretty great place for golf. We can be out on the course from early spring - pretty much up until the snow hits. And now there's a new option for indoor play - it'll come in handy in the cold months of winter.....or whenever you just want to mix things up.

In April we told you about Missoula Indoor Sports Arena being sold to new owners. It's now known as The Sports Barn and they've been busy revamping the building, sports leagues, and overall experience you'll have when playing sports inside the building. One thing they're excited to showcase is an assortment of glow sports. But another new feature is the addition of some brand new golf simulators.

The driving range is great for practice. But that doesn't work so well in mid-December. And even in the middle of a summer like we've had this year - it can be pretty miserable to be on the golf course in the heat. Either of those reasons - or the chance to experience a legendary course you might not normally have the chance to play - might have you wanting to take your swings indoors.

If you've never used a golf simulator.....they're pretty sweet. You can have fun and play courses from around the world as well as having the machine give you feedback on the mechanics of your game.

Check out The Sports Barn on Facebook or their website to learn more - and get ready to have some fun playing golf year-round!

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