A few months back, we heard about how the Missoula Indoor Sports Arena had been sold to new owners, who were rebranding and operating under a new name: The Sports Barn. Now, we've got a little more info on what exactly has been going on over there.

The Missoulian ran a piece this week where they went in-depth with the owners on some of the new stuff The Sports Barn has to offer, and the big takeaway is... Glow Sports! The new owners are installing blacklights around the field and passing out glowing wristbands and legbands - they've also got a lighted football, reflective jerseys, and other glow-in-the-dark equipment. They're also talking about adding glow sticks to lacrosse sticks and lighting up the nets on the field.

It sounds like the glow-in-the-dark angle has grown a lot from its initial conception - they've expanded their options and are now talking about booking kids' birthday parties, something they hadn't even considered before. They've only been around for a few months at this point, but it looks like The Sports Barn is off to a strong start.

The Sports Barn isn't fully open yet, but their website mentions that their grand opening will be sometime in July. You can also follow them on Facebook for continual updates about different events they're having throughout the summer.

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