Earlier in the week, Missoula Police were asking the community for help identifying some suspects who may be linked to forged checks circling around town. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“We have had reports of forged checks being passed around town,” said Welsh. “Recently an officer responded for a similar type of report. After identifying the transaction and viewing the security video, two suspects were identified as having passed those checks.”

According to Welsh, social media played a large role in determining the identity of the suspects.

“We used that video to get a stilled capture of the two suspects and had circulated it on social media,” Welsh said. “Due to the number of shares and the amount of people who were witness to the photograph, we have now identified both suspects. We are in the process of seeking them out of interview.”

Welsh says there have been multiple forged check reports recently, but that doesn’t mean the two suspects are responsible. The investigation is still ongoing.

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