It is clear that Missoula loves beer. It is obvious that one of Missoula's favorite beers is good ol' Pabst Blue Ribbon. In fact, Missoula's Orange Street Food Farm is the home of the highest retail PBR sales in the country. That's right, they sell more PBR at Orange Street Food Farm than anywhere else in the US.

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Pabst knows their customers can put down some beer. That is probably why they have been in business for 180 years. So why not give the customers what they want? Massive quantities of beer. 17 gallons of beer to be exact.

According to Forbes

The 180-pack prominently calls out the brand's anniversary while offering the same iconic layout consumers have seen for decades. To ensure wider exposure, it has produced over 2,500 packages designed to be set up and filled in the market. The move will undoubtedly be a showstopper during the all-important summer beer season when brands can make or break their sales year.


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We reached out to our friend Kyle Watkins at Zip Beverage to find out if Missoula will get one of the 2500 packages released. He informed us that "YES! Missoula will be releasing the limited edition 180 pack of PBR." Kyle couldn't release where and when the 180 packs will hit stores. However, he said to "start watching for them in July and that Orange Street Food Farm would be a good place to look."

Nothing will satisfy that Summertime thirst like 17 gallons of beer. Not just any beer. Missoula's favorite BLUE RIBBON beer!

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