One of the staples of the Missoula metal scene, Undun, released their new album “Agents Of War” of war today on iTunes.

Undun are the slag pile of Montana’s music scene; dark dank mounds of sharp edged rock spewing from pristine, country hillsides, Like slag. Undun are the by products of over-processed rock; stripped of supposed worth and tossed aside by the undiscerning. However they both possess value. Each speaks to the darker side of nature, evidence of man’s greed and waste. Neither can be ignored.

Check out and download brand new Undun songs from Agents Of War, including “Tear You Down,” “Ghetto Guided” and “Clamstacker” for just $8.91 or 99 cents each on iTunes. You can also pick up the new album on Spotify and CD Baby.

“Undun has been asked to turn down, turn off or play something else during several live shows. Most recently, organizers at last year’s Western Montana Fair told the band to quiet down. “If it’s too loud, you’re too old,” guitarist Josh Warren recalls saying.”-Erika Fredrickson, Missoula Independent

Agents Of War Album Cover
Agents Of War Album Cover

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