Happy St. Patty's day everyone! If you are looking for a live show to hear some local music, we have a couple of great ones going on this week!  Don't let Monday keep  you in  for fear of Tuesday morning work. Irish or not, get out there and cheer for the 'ol snake chaser St. Patrick. If you celebrated early and had your fill of green beer and corned beef already, and cannot see the one tonight, there is a show on Thursday that should no be missed. The Kanes from Reno, NV will be at the Palace if you want to check out some chill rock. But don't wait till Thursday for a show. Remember, if you fail to celebrate tonight, the snakes win.  Missoula, here are your local shows!

Monday, March 17


10pm | 21+ is $5 / 18+ is $7

The All Hail


Sun Blood Stories (Boise)

Sad Horse (Portland)

$2 green beers / $3 Guinness / $5.50 Irish Car Bombs

Thursday, March 20

The Palace

9pm | 21+ | Free

The Kanes (Reno)

Boston Tea Party

Crooked Cops

Confidence Man

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