When it comes to being different Montana and California have shot to the top of discussion. When it comes to this study, at least in the 406, we are polar opposites.

You're probably going to be a bit skeptical, just like I was when you see the study numbers. Keep in mind, that Montana has a fraction of the population of states like California, so in my opinion, these numbers can be a bit skewed, but I digress.

With a lot of us working 2-3 jobs and trying to balance some sort of work/family/personal life, where do Montanans find time to sleep? That's not a problem, as we rank last in sleep deprivation according to Amerisleep where they analyzed 96 sleep search terms in each state and monthly volume per 100,000 residents. You might see the problem there. That's nearly 10% of our whole population.

With only an average monthly volume of 480 sleep-related searches per 100,000 citizens, Montana residents seem to have relatively few sleep problems. -Amerisleep.com 

Now for the opposite side of the spectrum, California ranks #1.

Californians showed the greatest concern and curiosity for their sleep troubles, with an average monthly search volume of 805 per 100,000 residents. -Amerisleep.com

So why is there such a difference between these two states, or any other for that reason? Now, I'm no sleep professional, nor do I have any sort of medical degree, but I do find it interesting that we have the highest rate of depression in Montana in our state, and we are the least sleep-deprived. If you have ever struggled with depression, you can see a direct connection here. Also, we experience very long, cold, dark winters. There isn't much else to do except work and sleep.


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