It goes without saying that Montana has its fair share of what I like to call "gatekeepers." These are the people who spend most of their day hating on the fact that Montana has been found, and people continue to move here. The "gatekeepers" are the first to comment "GO HOME" on social media or just about anytime they see a car with out-of-state plates. It is getting to the point where these people are outright bullying anyone who has recently moved to the state. Going as far as to write "go home" notes on the dirt of cars with out-of-state plates.

Not all cars with out-of-state plates in Montana, consist of out-of-state drivers.

We have been seeing a trend on social media lately, showing cars driving around with California plates along with a note that simply says "It's a rental." Meaning the drivers are Montana residents that don't want to be harassed by the "gatekeepers." Most vehicles that are owned by rental companies, like Hertz or Enterprise, are licensed in California or other states. This may be the explanation to why we are seeing more California plates than we used to.

Now, there are some Montana residents who just moved here but have yet to swap plates. For those people, avoiding the "gatekeepers" can be kind of tough. There is one Missoula driver that decided the best way to disguise the fact that they were from California, was to simply cover it up with a piece of tape.

That should keep the "gatekeepers" at bay. At least until you get a chance to swap your plates.

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