It is time to invest in adult diapers. The season of scares is almost here. In the blink of an eye, Halloween will be here, which means we are gearing up for our annual paranormal investigation. The Blaze Ghost Hunt is in the early stages of planning our investigation of our next haunted location. But, we NEED your help.

What Is The Blaze Ghost Hunt?

For those NOT familiar with our annual Ghost Hunt, it is more than just a spooky tour. We team up with the local paranormal investigation group, Tortured Souls Investigations. This group has been helping answer questions to what REALLY goes bump in the night. For many people affected by a haunting, they do far more than just investigate known haunted locations in Montana. This crew also helps families with questions about paranormal activity in their private homes.

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In the past we have done some great investigations of popular paranormal hot spots.

During an investigation at the University Theatre at the University of Montana in 2012, we caught a photo of a shadow figure who appears to be a woman with an ear-length haircut. Neither of the investigators in the photo have that hairstyle. (Look at the wall behind the two investigators on the left.)

Tortured Souls Investigations/Facebook
Tortured Souls Investigations/Facebook

The Blaze has also teamed up wit TSI for an investigation of the Daly Mansion in Hamilton. Back in 2015, yours truly seemed to be the center of the investigation. With audio captured of a disembodied voice asking for me by name.

In 2017, we made our way to one of the most haunted locations in Montana. The Blaze and TSI did a private investigation of the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. It is safe to say that we captured some very interesting evidence.

Now, back to what we need from you.

We are looking for help in deciding where to do our investigation this year. Where would you like to see us investigate? The famous Dumas Brothel in Butte? The spooky children's orphanage in Twin Bridges? The old tuberculosis hospital in Warm Springs? Garnet Ghost Town?

Let us know via the Blaze app. We may just invite you along to be a part of this year's paranormal investigation. Simply message us via the link on the app. (see below)

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