There is something about being out in the woods with your thoughts. I cannot tell you how many hikes I have been on where my mind wanders in more directions than my compass. The quiet tranquility in the woods when you are alone is almost like meditation. It allows your thoughts to come out without being bombarded by modern technology and noise. Being in nature allows you to look deeper inside yourself.

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This is why organizations like MT Grit were formed to help people use the outdoors as therapy.

Montana Grit Outdoors/YouTube
Montana Grit Outdoors/YouTube

According to the MT Grit website

We serve female veterans and first responders. We serve women in Gold Star families, and in families that have lost a first responder while on duty. We serve women who've experienced the loss of a family member to PTSD.

Based out of Phillipsburg, MT Grit provides emotional recovery coaching for women struggling with PTSD. The program teaches women how to handle their emotions and use them as motivation to keep moving toward a goal. That goal is to go on a backcountry hunting trip in Montana.

The program provides outdoor shooting, survival education, and guided hunts for women of Gold Star families, women veterans, first responders, survivors of first responders, and women who have lost someone to PTSD who served. The programs provide an environment where participants can discover and build their personal strengths and gain freedom.

If you or someone you know may be interested in helping out, visit the MT Grit website. Also, learn more about how to become part of one of the MT Grit programs.

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