I was recently scrolling through my social media and came across an update from a fellow Montanan that I have been following for some time now. This guy is a small business owner in Bozeman and makes his living taking people on guided sled dog tours. With Bozeman seemingly being a destination for the Hollywood elite, Jason Matthews is no stranger to taking celebrities out for a day with his sled dogs.

Montana business owner snubs Kardashians and it is good for business.

I first started following Jason in 2015 when he shared his frustration with entitled celebrities on social media. He was upset that producers of the E! Entertainment show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" approached him to do a FREE tour for the Kardashian family.

Matthews is the owner of Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures in Bozeman. According to Last Best News, he was contacted by a coordinator from the Kardashian's reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, who wanted to take the family on a sled tour of Big Sky with a film crew. Matthews was all for it until he found out the coordinator wanted him to do all this on "trade" (offering his services for free in order to get exposure for his business--keeping in mind that the proposed trip would have cost almost $4,000 and required five sleds, five guides, and about fifty sled dogs)

After giving an ultimatum to either pay him for his services or move on, Jason explained "Look, my dogs don’t eat trade."

Hear our full interview with Jason Matthews about the ordeal.

Now it appears that Jason has had a much more pleasant run-in with another popular television show. The always-loveable Drew Barrymore was recently surprised by her friend Ross with a trip to Montana. During their trip, they linked up with Jason and "Yellowstone Sled Dog Adventures." Judging by Jason's positive review of the trip, we are assuming that producers of the Drew Barrymore show did not ask for a "free ride." In fact, Drew donated $10,000 to Jason and his team to take kids on adventures in Montana.

Watch Drew Barrymore as she crosses "touring Montana with sled dogs" off of her bucket list. Thanks to Jason's wife, and her wood carving skills, it looks like they have made some new friends.

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