During the summer of 2018, troopers with the Montana Highway Patrol conducted a public opinion survey to let the agency know how it is perceived by residents and visitors traveling through the state,

Captain Jim Hunter said the overall results of the survey were very positive.

“We were very pleased to find out that it was overwhelmingly positive,” said Hunter. “The response that came back from a variety of places and that people from both in state and out of state approved of what we were doing and how we were doing it.”

Business cards with information about the survey were provided by troopers to every contact they had with the public beginning in June 2018 and ending in September 2018.

Hunter said they received mostly positive feedback even after stopping drivers who were violating the law.

“It didn’t matter,” he said. “Whoever we were dealing with, whoever we made contact with, everybody got a card, whether it was a positive experience at the time or not, everybody got a card, so it was nice to have the response come back in such a positive manner.”

The Patrol conducted the survey in partnership with OrgVitality LLC., a consultancy firm that specialized in public opinion surveys.


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