Back in 2015, Missoula County launched a new website and now officials are asking for feedback on how it is working.  Missoula County Communications and Projects Director Anne Hughes says a website survey can now be found online at

“We just put a survey out on our website because we are looking for feedback from the public on how we can do better,” Hughes said. “What are people looking for when they come to our website, what information are they looking for the most and what things can we improve upon to make sure people are getting what they need as quickly as possible?”

The website is expansive covering 30 different departments including everything from the jail roster and the sheriff’s office to Public Works, and elections.

“We have a pretty big website,” Hughes said. “We have over 1,000 pages on our website and we provide a lot of information. Those of us who are in that world put so much information out there that it can just be confusing and not very helpful. That is what we are really trying to cut through. We are making sure that we know what people are looking for and making sure that it is in the best place to find it as quickly as possible.”

According to County Technology Director Jason Emery, the county pays about $800 per month to maintain and run the website. The survey was posted this week and contains 11 questions.

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