General rifle season is nearly here in Montana. As we prepare for the kick-off of general big game season, we need to take a second to reflect on what kind of hunters we might find in the field. Or what hunting stereotypes we may be guilty of ourselves.

In all my years hunting in Montana, I have run into a lot of different people. All hunters share the same passion for the outdoors, but not all hunters go about it the same way. The guys at "Dude Perfect" have put together a hilarious video portraying all the different stereotypes you may encounter while in the field. Some of which you may be guilty of yourself.

Image courtesy of Getty Images
Image courtesy of Getty Images

For example, I portray characteristics of the following

The Sky Blaster "Someone who still fires at waterfowl, even though they are clearly out of range."

The Napper "Someone who uncontrollably falls asleep when hunting in a blind or sitting in the truck."

The Buy It All Bob "Someone who spends entirely too much of their annual salary on hunting gear."

The Stop a Deer with "Mehhh!" Guy " Someone who believes the only way to make a deer stop is to annoyingly make the sound "Mehhhh!"

And I can also say that I am the "Its All About the Angle" guy, when it comes to posing for pictures of successful hunts. The bottom line, the closer you can get the deer or fish to the camera lens, the bigger it will look.

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