Montanans suffer depression at a much higher rate than most states. We even have the most depressed city in America, but it might not be because of where we live, but where we actually live. Yes, you read that right.

I had my annual checkup with my doctor the other day. Don't worry. I'm as fit as a fiddle. That's to say if the fiddle was dropped off a bridge and run over by a cow trailer. Anyway, much like some of you, I suffer from seasonal depression. Winter in Montana can just be the worst. It's cold and gloomy and the sun shines for about 8 minutes a day. It can just be all-around depressing.

While talking with my doctor she asked if I'm taking any vitamin D supplements. I hadn't even thought of that. The lack of sunlight and vitamin D could be a huge factor in my winter mental health. Then she dropped this bomb on me. Almost everyone in Montana should be taking Vitamin D, even in the summer. Why? Well, it's literally because of our location. In a recent study at the Harvard Medical School, they explain anyone above the 37th parallel (a bowed line that stretches from about San Francisco to Richmond Virginia) isn't getting enough Vitamin D from the sun, and of course, the higher you go, like Montana, the less absorption from the sun you are getting.

I can absolutely vouch for this. Once they ran a blood test, I was dangerously low on Vitamin D. I started a heavy dose regimen, and have been taking a supplement every day since, and I can honestly say I feel better.

A lack of Vitamin D can be very dangerous, especially for pregnant women. I'm in no way a medical professional, but after reading about how we Montanans aren't getting enough of this much-needed vitamin due to our actual location, I felt I should share this info with you. Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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