Tim "the Toolman" Taylor and his partner Al have returned to television. History's new show "Assembly Required" has brought both Tim Allen and Richard Karn back from retirement from 90's sitcom "Home Improvement" and now they have joined forces as the hosts of a new show.

According to History.com, "Assembly Required" is a:

new competition series that spotlights the best and brightest builders from across the country, at their home workshops, as they compete to breathe new life into everyday household items in desperate need of fixing. 

On top of the competition aspect of the show, since it is a History Channel show, Tim and Richard dive into the history behind some of the items and techniques used in the show.

In the premiere episode, that aired this past week, a fellow Montanan was featured in the competition. Jesse Jennings, owner of Jennco Design in Billings, was invited to be part of the show. He started an Instagram page to show off some of his crafty work. His Instagram page caught the attention of someone at the History Channel, and they reached out to him last February. Since he pandemic was just kicking in, Jennings was followed around by a videographer, rather than filming in California. But, he did get to meet both Tim and Richard.

According to KTVQ.COM

“Those guys are great. We got to sit and talk for a while before filming ever started, just on Skype. They are great, really down-to-Earth guys," he said.

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