I ran into a situation recently, where my maturity was questioned. For those who really KNOW me, it is no surprise my maturity was questioned. I don't have any solid plan on rowing up anytime soon. But, a person has to be an adult from time to time. When faced with the option to do laundry and taxes, or play a 6 hour session of video games, I typically choose NOT to be an adult. But, thankfully other men in Big Sky country do know the importance of being an adult and making adult decisions. It turns out, men in Montana are not as immature as men in other parts of the United States.

In classic Estately style, they compiled 6 metrics to rank each state on their level of maturity. Montana is a manly state, ranking 47th for amount of immaturity.


The 6 metrics Estately used to rank each state were:

  1. No Job (unemployment rate for each state)
  2. Fantasy Football Enthusiasm (expressed interest for fantasy football by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  3. Beer Pong Enthusiasm  (expressed interest for beer pong by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  4. Video Game Enthusiasm (expressed interest for video games by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  5. Enthusiasm for watching The Family Guy (expressed interest for The Family Guy by male Facebook users ages 25-65 in each state)
  6. Porn Viewership (number of porn downloads per capita in each state)

See the full breakdown of how Montana ranked for the amount of immature men.

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