Some regions of northwest Montana are under a high risk warning for avalanche danger after recent precipitation.

"The Flathead Avalanche Center has issued a avalanche warning for portions of northwest Montana mountains: mainly around the Whitefish range, the Glacier range and down into the Swan and Missions," said National Weather Service meteorologist Leeann Allegretto, "It's essentially for all of the rain that we are experiencing in the area."

The heavy amount of snow and rain could cause problems when it layers on what has come before.

"There was a weak layer in the snow pack already, so this kind of rain-on-snow makes the snow very heavy," Allegretto said. "If that all accumulates on top of a weaker layer that has a tendency to react more, so if anyone is in the back country they could probably run into problems if they hit the wrong slope, with the right type of conditions for that kind of slide."

The high risk warning is for areas above 6,000 feet, while areas above 5,000 feet have a Considerable Danger warning.