We don't call it Big Sky Country for nothing. If you get high enough on a mountain top, it almost feels like you can see the curvature of the earth. Which makes Montana a great place to search for UFOs. In fact, Montana is one of the top states for UFO sightings. So much so that we are home to footage of UFOs that appeared a few years after the incident in Roswell New Mexico.

According to the book Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials

In 1950, two spinning disks flew over Great Falls, Montana, and were filmed on a hand-held camera.  In separate incidents while a UFO was overhead, armed and ready nuclear missiles were suddenly deactivated as missile launch officers watched helplessly. The U.S. Air Force ordered these men never to tell anyone what happened.

Montana is home to plenty of unexplained phenomena like the legendary Bigfoot and even evidence of cattle mutilations and vortexes. That is why people who want to believe in the paranormal will descend on this year's Mystery Convention known as Montanacon on October 7th and 8th 2023 in Columbia Falls, MT.


According to the event website

Mystery Conference exploring paranormal topics like Bigfoot, UFOs, Missing People, Cattle Mutilations, Vortex, and Portals. Guest Speakers include Davide Paulides (Missing 411), Ron Moorhead (Sierra Sounds), Scott Nelson (Crypto Linguist Bigfoot Sounds), Thom Powell (Bigfoot Researcher), Jim Meyers (Bigfoot Researcher), Jon Dover (Navajo Ranger), Joe Hauser (Paranormal Researcher and owner of the Montana Vortex).

Tickets are selling out quickly if you want to be a part of the event. Got some great speakers and discussions about the existence of extraterrestrials and bigfoot.

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