Getting excited for the upcoming Blaze Ghost Hunt. As we gear up to investigate the ELK Club, and discover if any of the strange things happening are paranormal. A few years ago we asked you to share with us a story of something creepy hat has happened in your life. Dawn shares a story about a haunting she experienced.

I grew up in small town in Montana and ended up buying a house from my cousin just on the outskirts of this town. Things started happening right away. I could hear people talking in the living room when I was in bed, every morning at about the same time there would be a loud bang on the side of the house to the point it actually shook(it was a trailer set up on blocks)!! Then, after my son was born, I was in the bathroom and I had taken the baby monitor with me in case he woke up. Well sure enough, he woke up and started crying, as I was getting ready to leave the bathroom to get him, I heard a Shhhhhhhhhhhhh on the monitor, sounded like a woman, and my son quited right up and started cooing at something, no one was there! My husband refused to believe until one night in bed, he heard someone whisper his name, right next to his ear and then a few mornings later, he experienced the bang on the side of the house. FINALLY he believed me. Told my mom about the occurrences and she talked to my cousin, who had moved to Virginia. Sure enough, she talked about having strange things happen and hearing people talking as well! Did some research on the property and found that a family had homesteaded there in the late 1800's. The mom and her two daughters had passed away from disease and their bodies were buried in unmarked graves somewhere on the property. We moved and I never got up enough nerve to ask the new owners if anything had happened to them. I had always been fascinated with the paranormal since I was a kid, and this just confirmed what I had always believed, spirits are among us!

If you want to be part of this year's investigation, share with us a story like Dawn's. If chosen, you will join me and the Tortured Souls Investigations team on October 30th at Stage 112.

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