When you think of the most haunted places in Montana, the first place that comes to mind is the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. Our local group of Ghost Hunters, set out on an investigation of the prison recently and what they found will frighten you.

According to Kris Bratlien (Co - Founder of Tortured Souls Investigations)

October 11 a few members from TSI and a few helpers headed to the Montana Territorial Prison to film and gather audio for our Halloween Special that will be posted to our facebook page Halloween Afternoon.

Sean (new TSI Camera-Man), Erik (TSI Founder) and Myself (Co-Founder) got to the prison about 5pm that rainy Saturday afternoon. We did a day light walk trough but the wind was so bad that we couldn't film what we had intended on so we went to meet with an old friend from Deer Lodge who's late husband had been a guard at both prison locations for nearly 40 years. We told stories and talked about the old times when Bob was still with us. Sean had never been with us at the prison before so we were kinda getting him filled in to all the happenings, supernatural and otherwise.

9pm we met the new prison business manager at the front door and we got set to go. We headed to the car museum and then out to the administration building..about an hour later our other helpers arrived and I gave them a quick run through of each location and the history of each spot, all on film so for those that watch the special that is what you are seeing.

Midnight we all headed back to the gift shop to re-group and get all the audio equipment ready. Nikki (TSI Investigator) had just shown up and was ready to go. Sean to the other helper back to the car area and Nikki, her Friend, Erik and I went to the cell house. As we stepped into the courtyard one of the night shot cameras stopped working..so Erik and I stopped to see what was going on..meanwhile Nikki and her friend went to the corner wall tower by the entrance (tower 1) and did a quick EVP session as they were waiting for us. They came back to us in a few minutes and Nikki said she had a really creepy feeling over there and her friend had reported seeing a figure standing in the area as the approached the prison through the gate in the wall. Her friend had also said that it felt as if she was being choked and couldn't breathe and Nikki confirmed this..us at the time not thinking much of it, just chalk it up to another undocumented personal experience.

Last night (October 21) Sean and I were editing the footage together for the special and seeing some of the video clips of us entering the prison yard I remembered that I had given Nikki my voice recorder and that those two had gone and done some audio work so I dug through my bag I took to the prison and I found the recorder. The first track was time stamped just over midnight and it was their EVP session by the wall tower...what I heard next is still giving me goosebumps..in the 30 second audio clip you can hear the two talk about the figure they saw in that area and Nikki asks if it was a prisoner and clear as day you can hear a males voice say "help me" and nikki added that it was just after that, that her friend began to choke. Ironically in 1909 William Hayes was hanged near that area and his neck didn't break like it was supposed to so he dangled on the end of the rope for over 7 minutes until he finally suffocated to death..was this him trying to make contact? Was she feeling what he felt that April Morning in 1909?

Check out footage from the TSI investigation of the prison on their upcoming Halloween special.The new series is called Paranormal Montana and will be on our youtube.com/torturedsoulsmt

It'll be a mix up of ghost adventures (less douchey and no affliction wear), haunted highways and destination truth. We will be focusing on all paranormal reports in Montana ranging from ghosts, ufo's to cryptozoology. The Halloween special will be posted on Halloween afternoon. Things didn't quite go like we had hoped due to weather and equipment malfunctions, but the special will be an entertaining bit with the footage we recorded that night.

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