We are getting stoked for the next big concert to hit Missoula. October 9th, Ghost will be live at the Wilma. If you want to win your way in, simply submit a story of a ghostly encounter you may have had, and you might land yourself a pair of tickets to the show. A few year's back, we invited listeners to share with us some creepy stories. The following is a great example of what we are looking for with the contest. Like this one from Rachel.

I grew up in Butte and my great great grandfather built our family home. My sister inherited the home as she was the oldest in the family. There was always something creepy about the house growing up.The Back ground is there were 3 funerals on the dinning room table, what is still used to this day in the same room. Also my aunt passed away in the back bedroom from scarlet fever when she was 9. On top of that, my great grandfather ran guns and booze during prohibition through tunnels under the house.  There no surprise there is activity in the. home.

I have had several experiences in the home along with friends and my husband, so i know know I am not crazy.


  • 1st experience was one we first moved in I thought I heard my sister in the hallway.. only to find my grandmother (who died) telling me to get my ass back to bed .
  • 2nd sitting at dinning room table..(yes that table) with my nieces and my friends. I was babysitting, so the door to the hallway that was locked and secure.. The handled turned unlatched, opened then closed and relocked its self ,in front of 4 kids and 2 adults. We tried to debunk it with no luck.
  • 3rd (got to love this house) - my son and I were staying the night visiting. I was sleeping in the back bedroom (same one my aunt died in) and my son keep waking up crying wanting to leave the room. We would go in to the living room, he would fall asleep and wake up crying again wanting to go back to the bedroom. This went on most of the night. Each time he woke up, the bedroom door was closed. Due to the creepiness of the room, I make sure the door is opened. This happened 5 to 8 times and I was getting annoyed at the door being closed. I put my shoes in front of the door to keep it open. If it was draft the shoes would stop it. An hour later my child wakes up freaking out. The door was closed and my shoes are sitting, with laces tied, on the night stand next to my bed.

We have had a blessing with holy water done in the house, along with an Indian sweet grass ritual done. Activity has calmed down but it is still there.

Don't forget to submit your spooky ghost story, for a chance to see the band Ghost at the Wilma on October 9th.

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