Tonight we go in search of things that go bump in the night. We have teamed up with Tortured Souls Investigations to do a paranormal investigation of the University of Montana campus. We have recently asked you to submit a ghost story to be entered to win a chance to join us on our team. We received a good number of stories including this creepy one from Kevyn.

In my previous apartment, I always had that feeling like I was being watched. I would hear the kitchen cupboards close with the loud tapping when the door would hit. Pans fell onto the floor from the countertop. The TV had turned on & off by itself. I have a beaded feather that hung in the corner of my bedroom that disappeared twice, each time later finding it in strange spots across the room. Living by myself, I wondered how the heck did it get there? My little dog would either get really scared, hair on her back standing up, whining & come running to me then bury her face into my neck shaking or bark like crazy at nothing, always in the kitchen. One day I was outside doing yard work & a neighbor came by, she asked me how I liked living there and so on, then asked me if anything weird or creepy ever happens. I said Yes actually I have noticed some strange things. She starts telling me all about a previous tenant who had lived there. He died in the apartment. They found his body on the kitchen floor, the same spot my dog would freak at! Creepy!


We will have more stories to share tomorrow and hopefully some evidence from our investigation.

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