Lots of great stories have been piling in from those of you interested in joining our paranormal investigation team. Almost to many stories to share. There is still time for you to share your story and be entered to win a chance to join us on "All Hallows Eve." Sara C. recently shared a story that gave me goosebumps.

I believe in ghosts, because I have seen one and she still haunts my house to this day. It all started with my roommate and I noticing really weird creepy things around the house. The dogs would follow and barks at things we could not see. objects would come up missing and then reappear in the most obvious, random places. we thought nothing of it, until I saw what was sharing our home with us.
I was sleeping, one of those deep, nice sleeps. A slumber like this is not fun to be awoken from. I remember being in my dreams and feeling like someone was tapping me, and saying my name. I could hear it in my sleep, so, so clearly. I finally was pulled out of my sleep, I literally felt a pull come from deep in my chest as I woke up. When I awoke I saw (swear, swear, swear this btw) a girl about 15 years old. She had shoulder length black hair, but no face. She was more of a slightly lit silhouette and she was knelt praying at the side of my bed. I screamed and she just kinda drifted away. Almost like she evaporated into thin air.
Two weeks later the same ghost awoke my roommate as well, only this time she was sleeping in her bed next to her. I still feel her presence in the house, but have come to conclude she means no harm.


If you would like to join us for our annual Blaze Ghost Hunt on 10/30. Simply share a story like Sara's and you will be entered to win a spot on our paranormal investigation team with Tortured Souls Investigations.