We are getting stoked for the next big concert to hit Missoula. October 9th, Ghost will be live at the Wilma. If you want to win your way in, simply submit a story of a ghostly encounter you may have had, and you might land yourself a pair of tickets to the show. A few year's back, we invited listeners to share with us some creepy stories. The following is a great example of what we are looking for with the contest. Read Angela's story about her waterbed.

I lived in what was once the basement of an old huge house a few blocks below the Capital building. One night I was home alone, sleeping in my water bed and I awoke to the bed making BIG waves like someone....or something was at the end of it pushing down. I didn't move at all, thinking if someone was there they might think I was asleep and leave me alone. I just listened for any noises and heard none at all. After the bed stopped making waves, I opened my eyes slightly to see if I could see who was there but no one was there. No noise, my doors all squeaked badly and no noise from them. This experience was actually creepy!

Thanks for the submission Angela. It is frustrating when things start happening and you can't explain it. You try and find reasons for why, but can't. Like you said in your story, you know that anyone coming in or out of the room would make the door squeak. But you didn't hear a thing. That has got to either be something paranormal, or your cat got stuck underneath the waterbed mattress again. LOL.

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