Like many viewers of the hit series "Fallout" on Prime, I have fallen in love with the show. As a fan of the video game series, this show has become one of the best video game adaptations I have ever seen. The attention to detail surrounded by spectacular story writing, makes this show one to watch.

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Now, I am preparing to watch the final episode soon. I have been doing my best not to binge-watch the whole series. Which is something that a few people have been complaining about. There are multiple threads online talking about how the studio dropped the ball and should have staggered the episodes weekly.

Prime Video/YouTube
Prime Video/YouTube

For those that binge-watched the series, now you are stuck waiting for who knows how long for the next season.

For those not familiar with the show, here is the quick version of what it is all about.

  • Its a sci-fi show/video game adaptation
  • The world was destroyed by nuclear war
  • survivors locked themselves away in massive vaults
  • a "vault dweller" emerges from the vault and goes on a quest in the post-apocalyptic world.
Prime Video/YouTube
Prime Video/YouTube

According to the hit show, Montana is home to 2 of these massive vaults depicted in the series. Giant underground bomb shelters that can sustain life without having to return to the surface. In the show, you can pause to see a map from Vault-Tec showing all the known locations of vaults.

According to the Vault-Tec Map, only Helena and Billings will be equipped with giant underground bunkers. The rest of us will just have to fend for ourselves fighting off mutants on the surface.

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