Yes, you read the headline correctly. A pilot discovered large phallic symbols on the ice of Flathead Lake near Somers. It looks like someone was really bored and decided to get a little bit naughty with their choice of artistic expression.

I admire how well the symbols are made. The circles are so good, they almost look like they could be made by extraterrestrials. Or maybe even the Flathead Lake Monster? Regardless, this little stunt was enough to get a good giggle out of me.

This isn't the only time this year that giant phallic symbols have been spotted in the snow. A ski resort in Alaska recently made news, when a giant phallic symbol was discovered on top of a 3,000-foot high mountain ridge.

According to Unofficial Networks

We’ve been told that a group of skiers hiked up to the bowl under the cover of the full moon to stake their claim. We’ve heard through the grapevine that the mountain manager at Alyeska wasn’t so happy with this masterpiece, and asked if a helicopter from Chugach Powder Guides could fly up there to stomp it out…

Forgive me for watching too much "Ancient Aliens" on History Channel. Something about these incidents seems related. Is it just the work of crafty pranksters, or are we looking at symbols created by aliens looking to make us laugh?


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