Montana is home to 7 native American reservations. Each represents different tribes. And even though Montana may not have the most Native Americans or the most reservations than other states, we certainly have some very talented people that come from these different places. Including some very talented athletes.

Take the recent Nike N7 showcase that took place recently at the University of Montana. The recent Lady Griz basketball game focused on native Americans in sports. Including honoring past Lady Griz players that are native American

For many raised on one of Montana's 7 reservations, coming together to play games with each other is all a part of the tribal community. Playing games like basketball is a huge pastime for kids being brought up on the reservation. The game has gotten so popular, that it has morphed into a different version of the game. Something that is known as "Rez Ball."

What is 'Rez Ball?"

According to Wikipedia

Rezball is transition-based basketball that forces tempo with aggressive play, quick scoring (or at least shooting) and assertive defense that looks to force turnovers through pressing or half-court traps. There are slight variations from program to program. Keys to a good rezball offensive play are sound fundamentals and being in very good condition.

Now Netflix is looking to create a new series that is based on the popular game. The upcoming series is produced by NBA superstar Lebron James. As well as being co-written by Sterlin Harjo of the FX series "Reservation Dogs."

Netflix is looking for native American actors and actresses to play native American high school basketball players. If you know someone who may be interested in being part of the new series, they are casting now.

These are speaking roles in the series. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

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