The winter weather has finally shown its face and it has shown us plenty of what this winter has been missing....SNOW! The latest winter weather that has hit Montana, has gone as far as Texas. And, has covered nearly 70% of the US in snow. That means that snow plow drivers have and continue to log some long hours. It is their job to ensure that we make it to work, school or home safely.

But, some people take it for granted, that these men and women are working hard to remove snow from the roads. And, battle mother nature to make the roads safe for travel.

So, why do people give them such a hard time while they are doing their jobs? Give these people some space to do their jobs and don't crowd them on the road. Yeah, the plow truck is going slow and your late to work. But, who's fault is that? You should have gave yourself extra time to make it to work. You shouldn't drive fast on slick/icy roads anyways. The plow truck is out there helping everyone, not just your irresponsible butt.

You can sense the frustration with the plow truck drivers. People just don't seem to get the point. Just last year, a Montana snowplow driver decided to put his frustration with motorists into song. Something that everyone could understand. He covered Glen Campbell's "Wichita Linemen." This cover song soon went viral, and spread the message to drive safely and respect the snowplow drivers.

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