Well the highly anticipated day is almost here. Spring turkey season 2021 in Montana begins this Saturday April 10th. As I prepare to go search for the "Kings of Spring" I take a look back at last year's lessons. And, even though I didn't bag a gobbler, I did learn a lot.

First of all, I did a little pre-season scouting. This gave me a good idea on where to set up for opening morning. Just as I planned a tom was waiting for me when I arrived. I caught him just as he woke up. He immediately started roaring and I got set up. After positioning 3 decoys (2 hens and a jake) I laid down behind some dead fall.

I waited for everything to calm down before I gave a yelp. This was just a simple hen call that got his attention but didn't send him running. I yelped with multiple calls at the same time, and this got him heading my way. He took his time, strutting around, but he was coming in. I had researched lots of hunters saying to SHUT UP when they start coming in. Only call if it appears he is losing interest. But for the most part, don't start squawking. Think of maybe only calling once every 10-15 min max.

This worked for me, as he continued his strut closer. If he turned and started to stray, I would purr or yelp. He would turn and head back in the right direction. After 30 minutes of trying to lead a turkey, that was clearly drunk, I got him within range. The only problem was the stump he hid behind. After impatiently yelping to get him to move, I finally spooked him. Total I brought him into about 35 yards from almost 1/4 mile away.

Even though it is hard for me to take this advice in my everyday life, when it comes to turkey hunting, SHUT UP. Use you calls sparingly.

I hope this helps when it comes to your next Montana wild turkey hunt. Good luck this Spring.

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