Alright! Im going to go ahead and stop you before you even get a chance to correct me and savagely try to troll this post on the internet.... Yes, I know that this is clearly an elaborate April Fools day prank from the MHP. But, how cool would it be if this was actually a thing?

On April 1st the Montana Highway Patrol shared a photo of what appears to be a classic VW Bug. Complete with all the proper Montana Highway Patrol insignias, including the 3-7-77. The Facebook post reads "Excited to introduce the latest member of our fleet! They sure don't make them like they used to anymore"

Even though this is clearly a gag, it is not that far from what the MHP has been doing to their cars recently. Just this past year the Montana Highway Patrol celebrated their 85th anniversary. They did so by bringing back vintage designs of patrol vehicles in the past. One of those designs was from the patrol vehicles in 1985.

According to KTVQ

In contrast to the current black design, the retro design is white with a 1985 MHP logo on the door.

Several of the new cars are already out on Montana roads, and around 50 of the anniversary cars are being deployed around the state.

It feels like a time warp back to 1985. Almost gives you a Marty McFly/ Doc Brown kinda vibe.

Just imagine if they brought back some of the vintage cars that used to patrol Montana highways. Or maybe slap a couple MHP logos and lights on classic corvettes or thunderbirds. Now that would make me feel a lot safer on Montana's highways.

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