The snow was late getting here this year, but is starting to pile up on the roofs of our homes. It can eventually lead to damaging your home and become a safety hazard. The more snow that accumulates on your roof, the more weight that your roof has to take on.

In fact, according to USA Today

Ten inches of fresh snow equates to about five pounds per square foot, which means your roof likely can support four feet of fresh snow. Packed snow, however, weighs more: two feet or more of old snow is enough to exceed weight limits. Old snow and new snow combined can easily exceed load capacity

That is why homes that are in areas known for high levels on snowfall, have the steep angled roof, so that snow will not accumulate on it. But, a majority of homes in Montana dont have these fancy roofs. Even though we are known to get a fair amount of snow. That means we got to figure out a way to clear the snow off the house without injury. And, after this last snowfall we experienced, it is hard enough getting around on the ground. Let alone trying to climb a ladder. We are talking some Clark W Griswold kind of antics that would be associated with that. There has got to be an easier way to get it off of your roof. But how? Rakes? Shovels? Dynamite? How about simply using a rope and a buddy?

See how to easily remove snow from your home, by using a rope.

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