Since the pandemic kicked off almost exactly one year ago, many Americans were forced to start working from home. At first we thought it was only temporary. Maybe a couple weeks. Maybe a few months. But, never did we think we would still be working from home a year later. But, here we are. Still having ZOOM meeting without wearing pants and occasionally day drinking.

Even though it was a "sink or swim" mentality at first. People started to grasp the art of working at home. Some have even found that they can be much more efficient working from home. It saves time and money on the commute. And saves money on having to buy pants. You can actually work from just about anywhere, and not be tethered to the office building. Which opens lots of doors to the possibility of moving further away from the office.

According to Yahoo a survey of people working from home shows

66% of those surveyed are seriously considering moving to a new city in the U.S. In fact, 62% have already moved to a new city and 52% have taken the leap and moved to a new country. 

So what kind of job related things are Montanans searching for? The website Zippia crunched the numbers a dug up Google data on the top job related searches in each state. According to Zippia, the gathered the information by "(Examining) over a 1,000 unique job searches, looking at everything from desired companies, career advice, and small, innocuous details such as office temperature."

Lots of states had some pretty weird results. Some states searched " I hate my boss." While other searched "how to get fired." Meanwhile in Montana, we had an abundant amount of searches from people interested in jobs in Canada. Not a bad commute, considering other states in the US.

Check out the full results for each state from Zippia.

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